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#11 10 years ago

ya will just end up sticking to the basic vista. After doing a bit of research which has got me a bit puzzled. I've come up with mixed ideas for the 1066mhz vs the 1333mhz, but still more people leaning towards the 1333mhz. The point they keep making is about the i7's not using fsb for limiters and the i7s run in a different manner. Therefore going for the 1333mhz is the better option.

any ideas as to why, obviously i'm not overly tech savy in the ram department =P

If anything, that puts it more in favour of DDR3-1066, since that's the maximum memory clock that most Core i7 motherboards will support; at stock clocks, mine actually clocks itself down from 1333 to 1066.

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