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16th June 2004

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#21 8 years ago

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$45+ ship. not a bad deal if you dont mind having a HUGEASS rad.

Could prob snag that for $20 if you asked.

$25+ ship for MCP350 (can be modded to MCP355)

Prob after shipping and everything you'd come out around $110 or so shipped. Buy some tubing/ fittings at sidewindercomputers and you'll be set for a full-cpu loop.


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25th November 2003

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#22 8 years ago
The_Daedalus;5411721 Yes to the 470. Have a look on Guru3D, they did a test a while back watercooling a 480, and the speeds/temps/performance then got out of it was very impressive. If there's one place where the 400 series really shines, it's under water. Also, with your CPU under water, your GPU won't be the quietest part of your system for long. ;)

Yeah i think i just convinced myself of adding the 470. Using Afterburner to up the voltage i got it up to 825Mhz fully stable. Too bad my temps went up to 85+ with the stock cooler.