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#1 4 years ago

If I want to upgrade my CPU, would it be better to get a new CPU for my current socket, Haswell, i.e. just replace my i5 with an i7, or should I get a new updated mobo and chipset etc. and get one of the fancy new generaton many core cpus?

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#2 4 years ago

With the rate at which new models are coming out and with VR on the rise, I'd say bite the bullet and go for the new mobo and socket.

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#3 4 years ago

I guess for most purposes the Haswell will work ok. An upgrade will probably only have a real impact if you work on video editing or stuff like that. As for which upgrade - in terms of bang for the buck getting the fastest CPU that works with your motherboard is probably the best option. The latest mid-range CPU or the fastest Haswell will probably offer similar performance improvements, but the older Haswell CPUs should be cheap on the market.

However, the latest Intel generation comes with some other nice features. There is the faster RAM introduced with Skylake (not a big performance improvement though) and with kaby lake you get support for a new memory technology that Intel will supposedly offer soon (Optane). Towards the end of the year there is going to be a new generation with a die shrink, so that will probably be a decent performance boost as you can upgrade from 22nm to 10nm tech.

And in case you missed it - AMD is making a comeback these days with their Ryzen CPUs. Their 14nm cores are getting close to Intel performance and they ship more cores per CPU for similar price. In the mid-range CPU market the AMD CPUs currently offer the best performance to price ratio. This is pretty cool as competition is good for the market and Intel has been getting nasty (no more Xeons for gaming, no support of pre-Win10 versions on their latest CPUs). AMD will release some higher end CPUs with a large number of cores (up to 16) later this year, but it may take a while before games take advantage of that.