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4th August 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Hello, this is Jedi_Mediator. I don't normally post here since I'm normally in the forums of a specific game, so I'm new and I'm not aware of the kinds of people here. I've been flamed before for seeming ignorant, and I don't wish to repeat that experience... I know this rides the border of a gaming-related question, but I believe it is still acceptable in this forum (not to mention, there's no other more applicable spot to place this thread). How would I go about creating a screensaver--3D, preferably? I've seen all those so-called Screensaver Creators, but as far as I know, all they do is mash together a series of images for you and turn it into a slideshow. Also, is there any way to actually merge a game engine into an .scr file to move a camera actor randomly through a map/level, thus creating a "flyby" 3D screensaver? It's just a dream I've always had--no doubt it involves some programming aspects that are beyond my experience in game modifications.


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#2 12 years ago

This is not riding the border of a gaming-related question. The only thing close, is that you asked about using a game engine. This is the right spot for this thread.

I don't think you can make a game engine into a *.scr file, but you can create a *.scr file that lauches a game engine in a screen saver mode. If that game engine has a screen saver mode...

Doing so requires knowledge in C, and C++ programming language. In order to add the appropriate code, and strip out the excess elements of the game engine that are not needed. The Open Source "id software" games might be a good start. Such as the Quake 3 Arena engine. They are also OpenGL based, which is another plus.

An example would be the Windows Maze screensaver. There are a few interactive 3D screensavers as well.

An alternative would be to use a Flash based screensaver. I think that Flash supports 3D elements these days. This would require creating an entire world from scratch.

The biggest problem with Game Engine based screensavers, is that you want something that loads and unloads quickly. You don't want to wait 5 minutes to watch a screensaver. This simple rule is the only reason that there are no game engine screensavers.

What we have instead, are screensavers like those at,... - 3D screensavers, free downloads, movies, goats, and general nonsense!