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#11 16 years ago
{SWA}Gen.MadHatterusing 2 modems and 2 isp's does this improve ping during game play?

I would think it would worsen it since your having to go through alot of extra routers and programs to get to the ISP's server. I tired this with cable+dsl(when i was trying dsl out and still had cable) and it did not work, i could not get onto the internet:lol:. That would be nice but i don't think it is worth it, i got a 1.5mb DSL for $30 a month.


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#12 16 years ago

You'll still be stuck using just one connection to receive a packet.

As for sending, I'm not sure it'll work, usually not. Usually just one modem is supported.

If it does work, then it'll cause BIG lag, and you may be dropped from the game. Because each modem has its own IP, it'll think someone tried to join, from another IP, and it'll be refused.

Think of it this way, each modem, is another PC. Games don't support multiple IPs for a single client.

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