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#1 12 years ago

Is it possible to run several programs from one machine to seperate monitors/keyboards/mouse etc. :confused:

eg. I want to play from 2 seperate monitors and seperate keyboards so me and some one else can play from the same machine, is this at all possible?

Thanks for any help, Callum.


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#2 12 years ago

not realy. even if u were looking at work not a game on each sep monator u would still only ahve 1 keyboard 1 mouse u can hook up 2 of each but there woul only be 1 of each able to do a funtion it is like tug of ware u move right he move left. even if ther is soft ware that could do it u would need a cual core @ 2.8ghz+ and 1 super video card or 2 mod range cards and about 2-4 GB of ram. not to add on more but 2 sound cards. so in 1 word NO u can not with out writing a hole new OS