Dx9.0c Vs Dx10? 3 replies

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#1 13 years ago

I am having this x1950pro 512mb graphics card....... i have this doubt....... since mine is dx9.0c card... can i play dx10 games???......... if so what difference will it be playing dx10 games in dx9.0c........ and also i am so very confused that if my card is dx9.0c then how come it supports dx10(i have vista installed which is working perfect)..... will the performance get affected or what....... i bought this card jus b4 dx10 cards got released and that time i din know abt dx10 cards getting released:(:(....... what can i do.... i am very disappointed now..... because i cant afford to buy a graphics card for years now...........

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#2 13 years ago

Yes, if the game has a DX9 Compatibility mode. You'll lose the features and quality that will come with playing a game that's optimized for DX10. Possibly even performance as well.

Right now, there are no DX10 games on the market so there's no way to make a solid performance comparison. DX10 does, however, allow DX9 games to be played (since it's exclusively used in Vista) via a software emulation wrapper. Which is also why you're able to play DX9 games in vista.

To get the full hardware acceleration that DX10 games will offer if you have DirectX10 installed, you will need to purchase a card compatible with it.

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#3 13 years ago
n0e;3659832Right now, there are no DX10 games on the market

Flight Simulator X is out, and it's DX10.


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#4 13 years ago

isn't halo 2 as well (when its out in a couple of weeks, yay")

is it also true that DX 9 games run slower in DX 10?