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#1 11 years ago

[COLOR=black]Hi all Does anybody know of a decent solution for encoding to h.264 in an MP4 container at HD res (MP4 h.264 AVCHD)? This is the native output of my camcorder, and I can view it fine and import it into Premiere pro cs3 / vegas pro v8 and edit without issue, but neither are natively able to export back to the same format. I thought I'd found a solution with [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Canopus ProCoder[/COLOR][COLOR=black] but it turns out it can only output to an MPEG2 stream.

Other solutions that are not viable: Quicktime/QT pro. I'd rather gargle razor blades than install any **** from apple. Nero vision. Gave it a try but the actual quality of their h.264 codec is abysmal, I guess its destined to be used for ipod/psp etc.

Ideally would like something likeProCoder that would act as a standard output codec so that I could use it directly from Premiere/Vegas when exporting, rather than having to export uncompressed then re-encoding using another application.

Muchos gracias for any helpos <3[/COLOR]