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#11 13 years ago
chester742;3776563the error message sais: "this volume is not supported by this drive" or somthing like that and n0e, 4gigs + vista 64-bit and NVIDIA graphics cards = a kickass system that will run better than any ATI system

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Is the drive you're trying to install Vista on already formated?


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#12 13 years ago
chester742;3773495i just bought all the parts and built a new computer. i also got Vista Ultimate 64-Bit on a OEM to save money. so me and my tech-friend tried to install the OS and everything went smooth untill i had to choose which hard drive to put it on. i have a 150gig 10kRPM RaptorX and A Maxtor 500gig( no Raid). i tried to put the OS on the Raptor but when i clicked the "NEXT" button, a error message apearred on the bottom of the install window. the same thing happed for the 500gig Maxtor. we also tried to put the HDDs in raid but it still wouldent work. we also tried to get drivers of the internet via flashdrive from another computer. still didn't go on. i now have xp pro 32bit(which installed with NO problems) on my system. IF I TRY A VISTA UPGRADE, WILL IT WORK?. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE HAD THIS PROBLEM AND FOUND A WAY TO GET VISTA ON , PLEASE HELP. my components are: Antec Nne Hundred EVGA 680i sli socket LGA775 intel core 2 duo E6600 EVGA 8800 ultra 4 gigs of ddr2 pc6400 ram WD 150gig Raptor X Maxtor 500gig Thermaltake toughpower 850Watt PSU PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

disconnet the other drive and install vista on your raptor 1st. it should install fine.and then you could connet the second drive.worked for me.

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