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#1 2 months ago


So this is worrying, if true.

They've backpeddled apparently, but even so, what a stupid thing for them to be asking for. 

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#2 2 months ago

There is one easy way to avoid this. Don't make a Facebook account. Problem solved.


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#3 2 months ago
Posted by Lindale

There is one easy way to avoid this. Don't make a Facebook account. Problem solved.

Pretty much. Anybody still using it at this point is essentially asking for it.

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#4 2 months ago

I had a hard time believing this at first. I keep a facebook account because it facilitates communication in a way that other media do not allow; most people have facebook accounts and use them to make life announcements, event announcements, etc. Large group messages are much easier to manage. But I digress. While I don't approve of facebook potentially selling everything I pass through the medium, I am not willing to forego the convenience offered by the service, and so I compromise.

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#5 2 months ago

Facebook is a strange beastie. I don't get a whole lot of value from it; outside of the occasional photographs, I think it has been several years since I put anything of consequence on there. Like... it's not somewhere you'd go to have a discussion, and you wouldn't air your views on there even if it was well set up to facilitate such a thing because you have to quite carefully manage which members of your social groups you share your views with. 

At the same time I don't go to the bother of deleting my account.

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#6 1 month ago

If I remember correctly this was an optional "feature" for importing friends from your address book automatically since the beginning.

Was one of the reasons I did not sign up back then.