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#11 14 years ago

-_-, well duh. I know that, but let me make it more simple:\

FAN Safety Enabled = Bye bye FAN.. BIOS / Computer will shut down the FAN FAN Safety Disabled = FAN keeps running.


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15th March 2006

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#12 14 years ago

The fan control actually adjusts the speed of the fan relative to the CPU temperature. If the CPU temperature is fine, it will slow the fan down to reduce noise and powr consumption. If the temperature is high it will speed the fan up, to lower the temperature.

Chances are you have some crappy cheap fan that doesn't work with the motherboard's speed adjustment, hence why it stops instead of slowing down.

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#13 14 years ago
FF|SkyriderMy Girlfriends processor FAN is spinning way to fast.

Isn't that always the case with women these days? :lol:

ahem, anyway. Have you checked or inspected the hardware? Maybe it's damaged or has become loose. Similar situation happened on my old gfx card fan. It became old and loose and became loud and spun at twice the speed it used to. I messed around with it, and its been fine ever since. Just a thought. Might not be software related.

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