FFVIII PC CD3 Crash.... can you help me?? 0 replies

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#1 13 years ago

Hi... Hope you guys can help me??:( and sorry if I posted in wrong section... And Eidos dosen't support help for this game anymore:(

>Hi.... I had Final Fantasy VIII >some years ago for PS1... It was >an awesome game but the >discs became scratched, before >I even completed the game. >So recently I bought this >awesome game for the PC. > >My Specs are > >Dell dimension 5000 >3GHz Intel pentium 4 processor. >2GB Kingston Ram. (2x 512mb - >1x 1024mb) >Ati Radeon X300 graphic card. > >I don't know more about my PC... >sorry... > >But now to the point.... >I made it trough the game on the >PC to CD 3.... when Squall and >Rinoa are together in the space, >then the movie shows where >Ragnarok, the red spaceship, >heads towards them, or they >head towards the ship. Well >before they can reach the ship >the game crashes and comes >up with an error, I gues everyone >has seen an error like it before. >It's like. FFVIII.exe has made an >error... blablabla... Would you >like to inform microsoft about the >error. I can chose to send a >report or not. But when I click on >a button where I can see more >info about the error it says: >Modname: binkw32.dll.... >Can you help me... I never >completed more than to the third >disc and I'm soo exited... >I've tried with all kind of pathces >to the game, but it dosen't help... > >I hope you can help me....