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15th June 2005

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#31 14 years ago

Lesse here; we had a 386 running Windows 3.1 as our first computer, which was when I was in the three-five range, and I remember it rather well. We didn't have Autoexec.bat set, so it would just boot to a command prompt, and we either had to type Win to start it booting, or use an external dos shell to launch all our programs. We mighta still had it today had it not been for the fact that the mobo was shot after we tried installing Windows 95.

Our computer after that we bought in 1996, and it was as top of the line as they came. IBM Aptiva with a 266mhz Pentium MMX, 32 megs of EDO RAM, a whopping FOUR GIG Hard drive, a CD ROM drive, plus an included Joystick, keyboard, wireless mouse that never seemed to work right, and remote that we could never figure out. It also came with a nice software suite. All in all, I imagine it set us back about three to four thousand dollars, but it lasted us a good 5 years before we finally dumped it.

After that came our much dreaded Dell machine in 2000....1.3 Ghz Socket 423 Pentium 4 (we got it right as it came out...big mistake), 128 megs of RDRAM (which was all the rage at the time), 60Gig Hard Drive, CD-RW and DVD-ROM drive, and WINDOWS ME!!!!!! That POS lasted us just over three years before it just flat out died, though I suppose it had something to do with the fact that it had 20Gigs worth of WinMX files on it, which is a P2P service in case you didn't know. As if Windows ME wasn't crappy enough, the thing took a good 12 minutes to boot, and by the end, didn't go for more than 20 minutes without a BSOD...*shudders!


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#32 14 years ago

being a noob and from a poor background my first pc was an old typ writing pc , then a 95pc and then my xp pro.

was good fun, i wish i had learnt to code beore i turned 16. oh well


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9th February 2004

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#33 14 years ago

Used to use DOS for everything, each app had its own bootdisk. Our company had a 286 in 1985 for our CAD system, the 286 cost £4500, and had a huge 10MB drive. The CAD software was £14000. Now its £300 for a PC and £2400 for CAD. But somehow house prices have gone through the roof. I remember loading WP51 or word2.0 on 35 bloody floppies only to find number 28 was corrupt! First game we sneaked in was A10 tankbuster. Good times my friends good times.

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19th April 2004

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#34 14 years ago

The earlest PC I rember was a 386 in 1993. It has DOS! I rember playing a few games on it that came on the huge 5.25 inch disks. A year later my parents got an IBM 486 with windows 3.1. had that for about 3 years untill 1998 when they got an HP. It had 128mb of ram, a DVD drive:eek:, and windows 98. That lasted 5 years untill I got the PC I have today in june 2003.

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3rd May 2005

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#35 14 years ago
RevenSame here - that OS rocked. Shame I was too young to stop my parents throwing out that computer though.

Oh yeah! 3.5MHz of green-screen awesomeness. :p

We actually had two, an older model and a newer one with (shock horror!) a mouse and modem.

I don't know if anyone's familiar with xTree Gold for DOS, but after the Amstrad I used that for a good 2-3 years on an IBM 286.



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21st February 2005

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#36 14 years ago

3.1, 95, 98, 2000, 98SE, XP, Linux, and now XP, Linux, and Mac.


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4th September 2004

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#37 14 years ago

Ah.. Dos, such a cruel mistress she was, but she would put out whenever stimulated correctly. she was all i had untill i got windows 3.1, which wasnt that great, everything i could do there, i could do in dos. Soon afterwards i caught my first computervirus, called "Delwin", and back to dos i went, untill i got windows 95, 98, 2000, winxp. :)


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24th January 2006

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#38 14 years ago

when i bought my first PC in '95 from my aunt it had windows 3.1... this was shortly before windows 95 came out and we later changed the processor and other stuff to make it able to run Windows 95. (I still have the 7 or so diskettes of Win 3.1...) anyway: in 2003 i bought my next computer and when i dumped the old one (I still have it BTW) it had a 266 MHx processor and my new one had windows XP and a P4 2.6 GHz.


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14th February 2004

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#39 14 years ago
'[21PzGraf']...1.3 Ghz Socket 423 Pentium 4 (we got it right as it came out...big mistake)

MCH bug much? ;)

I think I've got you all beat on the "first computer" front. But, because the thread is on Windows... first version of Windows I dealt with was 3.11 running atop DOS 6.22 on a brand-new-for-96 rig running a Pentium 133 that started out life with 16MB of RAM, 1.02GB of fixed drive space, a Diamond Stealth 2D video card (and boy was I pissed when I learned that, upon the release of Half-Life!), and what I think was a SB AWE 16.

But for the 12 years prior to that, we owned (and I still have) an IBM PC XT. No HDD, no OS. You booted to a BASIC prompt and off you went. Some years later I acquired an AT running Thoroughbred :)


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25th November 2003

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#40 14 years ago

First version of windows i ever used was 95, before that our computer just had DOS, but i didn't really know how to do much on DOS so it didn't get that much use.

All the OS's I've used are: 95, 98SE, ME, XP, Linux, Mac OS 9, and a little bit of Mac OS X.