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#1 13 years ago

Okay here it is. Ive been having this probleme for sometime now and its getting really annoying. When i got my new Pc I transfered my old floppy disck from my old Pc to my new one. Even since, I have been having This message when i boot my CPU: floppy disk error press F1 to continue or DEL to enter settup. Not really of a big probleme but just having to press F1 every time i boot my CPU up is getting gay... I have disconnected all the wires from the floppy disck and the message is still there:Puzzled:... Any one got a suggestion or even better a SOLUTION!? In the worst case i dont even NEED my floppy disck, dont even know why i tried to inser it on my pc at the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thx to y'all who taken the time to read this post. Peace

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#2 13 years ago

suggestion:throw pc into heavy traffic,no more eroor screen. no but really i would go to your bios and see if it read it or not, if it did and you dont need it, disable it, if you do need it, then well uh,try setting it back to "auto" or whatever it is.


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24th November 2003

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#3 13 years ago

As confusingkid said, you probably need to disable the floppy controller in the BIOS (press del for setup). When you "disconnected all the wires" from the floppy drive, diid you also disconnect the data cable from the motherboard?

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#4 13 years ago

Ok.... You prolly have the connector wire backwards on the floppy for it not to recognize. On the wire there is a red line, that is usually closest to the power node ( round metal node on back of floppy) on the floppy drive itself.

also check to see if it is in the boot sequence.


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#5 13 years ago

Lol my pc doesnt even have a floppy drive. But it has got 34232422 USB ports .. wtf