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#1 10 years ago

Hey Again, Im going around to a mates place today, and I may help them try to fix up their network which suffers alot from lag and "this computer not seeing this one" Each computer on their network connects into a switch, and the switch into a smooth wall, and the smooth wall into the modem for their ADSL2 internet connection, this means they have Modem firewall, Smoothwall + Firewall, and every PC has a Firewall and Anti Virus solution, which I think is the biggest cause of lag and problems on their network...

I want a free CSM solution, which can be installed onto their Smoothwall, thus protecting the entire network from virus's and threats....If you know what CSM is then you know how it works...It installs over the network onto other machines, mostly this is only for domains, but a few do work with workgroups Anyone know of a solution that is free? I think I heard AVG do a solution like this?