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#1 13 years ago

I have recently entered upon the idea of converting an old Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) controler to USB format (or com port, whatever works) for use on my PC for a more genuine experience while playing Gens and for my Sonic hacks. Three methoods of doing this have struck me, one, simply change the connector (this wont work will it? :p ) two, get a cheap game pad, empty the insides of the current pads components, and somehow work the PC pads components into the Genesis pads case (not my first choice since these pads are so rare) Three, build a converter (like the PSX to USB coverter i have atm) I was just wondering if anyone has any alternative ideas, or suggestions on what i will need to research or do to convert the format from Genesis to USB, or if anyone knows of any products out there already so i wont have to bother. Thanks muchly.

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#2 13 years ago

I did a search on the web for such a thing, but didn't find much. I saw some mentions of something called 'JoyPort USB', but it seems to be an old thing and I couldn't find anything specific, though I got the impression that it was for Macs.


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#3 13 years ago

Well I've heard of this thing called an "Adaptoid". Its a USB Console controller converter. I know it supports N64 and Playstion controllers. Maybe they have a Genisis version.

I've tried using the Com port for the Genesis controller it doesn't work.

Linux Input driver, supporting Genesis Controllers.

-EDIT- This is a site I found that has Genesis controller drivers, for DirectX.

DPadPro 5 Genesis controller specs. The Download link is on the side of the page, for the drivers.

PPJoy Main Page