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#1 8 years ago

I have this weird problem. My PC is quite old, but it's configuration is not that bad. It's got a intel pentium D CPU 3,4ghz dual core processor, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 32-bit OS and a 512 ATI Radeon x1300 (sry if i'm not providing enough info, or providing it badly, i don't know much about PC-s).

Literally every game i have tried to run on the pc has ran badly. Setting all graphic options to low has been my only solution, but ofc, games are less attractive to play when everything is a lot uglier. There are exceptions, but they'r very few in number. Games with requirements like KOTOR have been running like that for no reason. It's quire obvious i cover the optimal requirements, but i still gotta set the graphics to medium for it to run smooth.

My current problem is with Fallout 3. It needs a 2,4 ghz proc, 2gb RAM and a 512 video RAM card. I'v got all of this and my proc is a lot better. So why do i have to set all video options to a minimum, and still get bad performance? Shouldn't my pc run it smoothly at least at medium settings?

(oh and i'm new to this forum. It this supposed to be a tech discussion or a gaming discussion? It's got some of both and i can't decide. Sry if it's in the wrong place)

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#2 8 years ago

To improve performance with older games a little bit I recommend a clean install and driver update.

But if you want higher quality in games like Fallout 3 you should think about upgrading. The minimum requirements for games often just allow you to start the game or to run it with the lowest settings possible.

The CPU might be fast enough for games like Fallout 3. Some more RAM might not be bad (although a 32bit OS won't support much more anyway), but the videocard definitely needs to be replaced. If you mostly play older games I recommend to buy a used videocard (make sure that it has a connection supported by your motherboard, probably AGP). If you plan to play some more recent games (2-3 years old and later) you might want to think about buying a new PC though. Even the cheapest of gaming PCs available will blow your current rig out of the water :)

Also, welcome to the forum. The tech forum is the right place to ask about performance.


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#3 8 years ago
Decorayah;5576076I have this weird problem. My PC is quite old, but it's configuration is not that bad.

I'm sorry my friend, by today's standards that spec IS indeed bad, very bad.

You essentially have THE oldest Intel dual core that's nowhere near a Core 2 Duo, and an entry level ATI card that is at least 5 generations old, yet you want to play games only 3 yrs old with fairly large, detailed maps at higher than low settings.

Below is the list of supported GPUs for Fallout 3, your's is at the bottom of the list. You have to understand that min spec just means you can PLAY the game, it doesn't mean you'll be able to play it at decent settings.

Never go just by the system requirements alone, esp when they merely mention amount of VRAM vs a range of GPUs. Always look for the supported GPU list. It gives you a pretty good idea of what settings you can expect based on where your GPU is on the list.

Supported video card chipsets:

NVIDIA GeForce 200 series NVIDIA GeForce 9800 series NVIDIA GeForce 9600 series NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series NVIDIA GeForce 8600 series NVIDIA GeForce 8500 series NVIDIA GeForce 8400 series NVIDIA GeForce 7900 series NVIDIA GeForce 7800 series NVIDIA GeForce 7600 series NVIDIA GeForce 7300 series NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series ATI HD 4800 series ATI HD 4600 series ATI HD 3800 series ATI HD 3600 series ATI HD 3400 series ATI HD 2900 series ATI HD 2600 series ATI HD 2400 series ATI X1900 series ATI X1800 series ATI X1600 series ATI X1300 series ATI X850 series

That said, you can get an HD4670 with twice the VRAM for only $60, and that would likely play it at high settings, as well as many other games that may surprise you at pretty good settings. - HIS H467PR1GH Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card (Free shipping expires in 2 days, MIR expires 10/31.

Make sure you're MB is Pci-Ex instead of AGP though. If it's AGP I wouldn't even bother upgrading such an old rig.

Might want to check your PSU too. It's recommended you have at least 26a/400w system power for an HD4670. If not, something like this would be adequate:

Honestly though, if it ends up taking both the GPU and PSU, I would consider holding off until you can scrape together another $300-$500 if that's doable and build another PC.

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#4 8 years ago

Sorry to say, but that system is NOT going to run a lot of current, mainstream games. I currently own an x1300 and it's not really a gaming card.

If you spend about $900-$1k you can get a great system that'll play the games you want.

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#5 8 years ago

Thx for the info, it's been very helpful. I'm thinking of buying a new pc and leaving the one i have in the past.


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#6 8 years ago

Probably wise, it's looking like (from minimum spec requirements) the earliest processor that most modern games will run (run, not run decently) is on the Intel Core Duo. If you continue to use Intel, I suggest going for one of their new 2nd generation sandy bridge CPUs. This will at least hopefully tide your computer over for 3 more years of gaming.

And as others above have suggested, you DEFINITELY need a new graphics card. A card near the top of >Omens<'s post would be your best bet.

And if you can splurge on a 64-bit OS, I'd go for that and install a bit more RAM as well.

While you still may not be able to play a game at ultra quality if you go for the minimum upgrade, it will still play a lot nicer than on your current spec. I hope that a decent guideline for your shopping has been provided and you can find a good system that fits your needs! :)

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#7 8 years ago

You should buy a new pc that is capable for gaming purposes. Also make sure to have a good monitor.

Or if can't afford just upgrade some of your components that you can afford.


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#8 8 years ago
Decorayah;5576877I'm thinking of buying a new pc and leaving the one i have in the past.

Yeah I answered your PM on that. Haven't heard back though, so I don't have a clue what your budget is or if any parts from your current rig can be salvaged.

Note that the PSU I mentioned in that build I only recommended for that build. If you want one that can handle an upgrade or SLI, something more powerful would be better.


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#9 8 years ago

Good system.

AMD Phenom II x4 AMD/ATI Radeon HD Radeon HD 4670 4GB DDR3 500GB SATA HDD 600 Watt continuous PSU.

Power Core i7 Quad 6GB DDR3 SLI Geforce 580 Dual 2TB SATA HDDs in a RAID array. 1000 watt continuous PSU


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#10 8 years ago

The huge difference between those 2 is rather unfair. There's no reason you can't have 2TB HDs with a 600W PSU and a Phenom II and still be hundreds cheaper than the i7 build. Honestly, anything less than 1TB is just not good value anymore, and 8GB of RAM is too cheap to ignore.

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