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#1 10 years ago

I have a Soundblaster x-fi xtremegamer on my computer, and I was looking through the settings for it, and Im wondering, is there a difference between the "Entertainmend Mode" and the "Game Mode" beyond the settings in the rest of the tabs in the settings menu?



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#2 10 years ago

Have the same card, and really, I wouldn't know.. I generally use the one mode, and tweak it to exactly the way I want it, though I'm not sure if it changes to Game mode automatically when it senses a DirectX app running...


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1st January 2005

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#3 10 years ago

Game mode will detect the EAX encoding in games that have it when EAX is enabled, you can also adjust mic environment effects for headsets.

Entertainment mode uses a type of EAX that just has presets. It also has the ability to use Dolby effects in movies.

[COLOR=Blue]Sound Blaster How-To: Learn more about the X-Fi Entertainment Mode with this beginner's guide [COLOR=Black]I've never owned an X-Fi, but I had no problem finding this info on their site. I was considering getting an X-Fi Titanium for my next build for gaming and a better sounding PCI card for music and movies. After finding that the old Audigy cards use the same multichannel chip though, I lost interest. You can actually turn even the cheapo Audigy cards (SE, LS, Value) into an X-Fi with a free mod that's been made called the Audigy to X-Fi mod. With it you get 24 bit, Crystalizer, etc.

What consistently turns me off about Creative cards is they lack quality bass. [/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Black]To me quality bass is important in games too for explosions and such. [/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Black]They're still using whimpy capacitors. Aside from that, games are going away from EAX ever since MS dropped HAL in Vista's audio. Games played in Vista can't even make use of it. That leaves very little left that X-Fi has for gaming. Even X-RAM can only be used in games that are written for it and many aren't. [/COLOR][/COLOR]