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#1 5 months ago

Coming from good old Kotaku, it seems as though Google are trying to creep into the console market. The project is codenamed Yeti and is right now rumoured to be some sort of hardware and a game streaming service similar to the Nvidia Shield, but the interesting part to me is the fact Google are said to be looking to buy studios. This has been apparently going on for a while now and Google are said to have had top secret meetings at E3 with developers and studio owners.     

If anybody has the means to make a streaming only platform work it's Google. There's been rumblings from some big industry names about streaming being the future, I wonder if Google are trying to swoop in an steal market share before anyone notices? 

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#2 5 months ago

They have ungodly amounts of hardware anyway, a game-streaming platform could just be one additional application for their cloud. The problematic part is probably the quality of customer's internet connection.