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#1 1 year ago

Yesterday, someone told me that Google is evil, and tracks everything you do. Well, doesn't EVERYTHING on the interwebs track you nowadays?

He told me to use other search engines, but would not tell me what engine to use. All he said was "do some research." What? Should I do a Google search for search engines? Where do you think that is going to take me? Correct. It will take me directly back to Google.


1: Is there a search engine that DOES NOT track you these days?

2: If I should not use Google, then what search engine should I use?

3: Or was this guy talking out his arse? (I suspect he was. Saying to not do something, then NOT giving an alternative only shows you have no arguement, and no clue.)


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#2 1 year ago

One of the most popular search engines that focus on privacy is

The website has some info on why it may be useful to not have all your searches tracked.

There are more options, which offer some benefits over DuckDuckGO (which is based in the US and not really a search engine per se).

Generally with these search engines you trade comfort for privacy - the big platforms are of course more polished and deliver better results. But they collect and sell data. 

I think regardless of whether you want to continue using google and similar products it is a good idea to understand what happens with your data and which risks exist. So I agree with the guy you talked to that it is a good idea to do your own research.


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