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12th September 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Wassup people.

I am a computer game enthusiast. But lately I have come acroos a problem. I updated my Radeon 8500 to a Radeon 9800 pro. I made a mistake by not uninstalling the graphic drivers for the 8500. But anyway, I put in a game and started to play only for it to freeze. The computer failed to respond. I had to reset it. The funny thing is that I have the latest Direct X and the latest catalyst drivers but it still freezes. Some games e.g Doom 3 dont work at all and others like prince of persia:sands of time work but the image is fuzzy and not recognizable. I do not know what to do, Please help a fellow gamer.

My sytem specs are:

Radeon 9800 pro Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz 512Mb Ram SiS on-board sound An Asus motherboard


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11th September 2004

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#2 14 years ago

[color=black]Well I own a NVIDIA and I have only had one ATI card so my experience with the Radeon isn’t to to good, but I hope you installed the driver for the 9800 pro (if you haven't well I suggest you do that now at not read on and just install that) you also mite have to go into the settings and mess around with some of that for the card it self (although you really shouldn't have to) and you said that I play some game and not the others, what I’m thinking you mite have to change the display settings but I’m sure you've done that. I’m trying to think what else... try and bring it over to a friends house and get I there and if it don’t work in that then you mite have a faulty card, I don’t think that’s the problem though because I played one game and not the other. Did you have the graphics settings on high in the game it self. (not saying that ATI 9800 cant handle it but just wondering) that’s a very interesting problem if you fix it then post because I want to know, I try and find some more info for you. A friend of mine works a summit direct and he’s like a graphics wiz I’m sure he can tell me more. I get some more info for you...[/color]

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7th September 2004

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#3 14 years ago

You should be able to un-install the old drivers in control panel then your set.