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12th February 2007

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#31 11 years ago
gravy666;4204398Well sorry, yes, I should have read it, but I did say that I'm not too good with this stuff. To me, that looks just like my old, shitty comp- cluttered, with lots of wires, and a few places to add on more parts. And it's hard to tell from the pic, too... I'm gonna start asking instead of telling, b/c that didn't work out so well for me lol So, when did you get that computer? Edit: Well, now that I look harder, it doesn't look so cluttered anymore.

Well is can be a cheap and crappy regular dell, but that doesn't have to stop anyone from buying a part just to play a few games, not like he wants to do some extreme pc gaming right now. When he wants to then yeah a new tower with more space would be nice or new computer etc.


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25th November 2003

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#32 11 years ago
Bs|ArchaonYeah, and while I'd personally take the risk with an 8600, I don't think that PSU has a hope in hell of running something more powerful...

Yeah, i missed the part about the 250W PSU the first time.

That HD 3450 looks like your best bet since you need a low profile card that doesn't need much power. Its should be a bit faster than a 8400 as well.

Just don't expect to be able to crank many games up to high settings.