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17th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hi! :) I'm new to this fourm and i have a question about graphics cards. OK. so i just added 512MB to my 256MB......and my crappy dell dimention 2400 runs WAY better, but as some of u know (people that have a Dell) it came with "Dell's Extreme Graphics" which isnt that i want to get a GOOD card, first ill give u my spec's: pentium 4 768MB of RaM 2.66 GHz I checked out my manual to my Comp. and it says that the place where u add Cards is a PCI slot type.............well i went and looked at some graphics cards online and at best buy i heard the ATI Radeon is a good card............and i noticed on the box that it said AGP on the front and onlly a one said PCI......on the internet is says: slot type interface: PCI or AGP ( one or the other) the only PCI one i saw was the ATI RAdeon 9200.....and i noticed that is a little older and i want a better here is my question: CAn I get a AGP type card to go in my computer?


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25th March 2003

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#2 16 years ago

you MUST have an apg slot, concidering hows its dell i highly doubt it has one... dell likes to crap out there customers with cost, features and just quality... sorry to tell you but you would probably need a new motherboard and since dell cases are specially fitted for dell motherboards you would need a new case aswell. but if you dont want to upgrade in the new future i would sudgest getting 3 (well 4) things: a Intel 915P/925X chipset motherboard a P4 socket 775 CPU (478 wont fit inside) and a PCI Express graphics card such as the X800 and a big case (look into thermaltake cases)

im not sure about the ram tho, there are motherboards that support ddr1 and ddr2 but iv only seen one so if you want to keep that ram make sure you get one thats compadable with your ddr1 and the future ddr2.