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#1 15 years ago

To play some of the newer games out there I was forced to update to the 77.77 drivers for NVidia. Unfortunately it pretty much screws up the graphics for all my older games. Is there any way to fix both problems? I have a GeForce FX5200 if that means anything. This is what happens in most of the older games I have (All objects are messed up):



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21st February 2005

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#2 15 years ago

Try the 81.99 nvidia drivers..

Just make sure you unstall your old ones first.


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#3 15 years ago

If you don't update your drivers regularly, then you're never gonna experience the best in many games. You should always update unless you have a reason not to (example, the newest drivers cause problems with a game, but the driver release just previous to the newest don't, then you'd get those instead). Its a philosophy I live by, and I've not had a single problem. (I get hardware issues, cause I over-use my system without any regard to safety of my hardware, lol)