GTX 1060 vs 960 - worth it? 1 reply

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#1 2 years ago

I have been considering the 1070 for a long time, but looking at how much cheaper the 1060 is, and given how my 960 is currently performing well enough, would the 1060 still be a nice boost in performance while being pretty cheap?

What is the 1060 roughly like performance wise compared to the 9xx series?

I'd be getting the 6GB card so that alone might be worth it for me.

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#2 2 years ago

The 1060 is comparable to the 980, although it has more vram. That makes it slightly better at higher resolutions, but for 4k it is probably better to go with a 1070. The 1060 should deliver a decent performance boost over the 960, but whether that is worth it mostly depends how long you want to continue playing in 1080p.

I think this may be a good time to look at used 970s (if you are happy with 1080p and current gen titles) or a 980Ti (4k in current gen and 1080p for upcoming titles).

The 1050Ti may also be of interest if you prefer a new card. May want to wait for some benchmarks (I'm guessing the performance will be close to the 970) and the 14nm tech should make for a pretty efficient card (quiet, overclockable).

Here is a link with some benchmarks for various cards around the 1060 price range (950 would a little slower than the 770):