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#11 7 years ago

Then, yeah... Windows Backup.

Oh, btw:

Supa;5632869It doesn't really take that long either, unless you're literally taking everything off that hard drive, including operating system and other installed programs. Do you not have access to your Windows discs? It would be easier for you to reinstall everything on and backup your important files, game saves, etc.

THIS is the thread I've been reading, what about you?


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#12 7 years ago

I was replying to Supa. Supa said, as you quoted, that I was including my OS.

I never said the OS would be included...


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#13 7 years ago

This is probably too late for that, but for the future you can either:

a) Get a hard disk that is used as a backup (2 TB are pretty cheap nowadays)

b) Get one of those external drives

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