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#1 1 year ago

So, say I had around, $800 to spend, and I don't need;

- A power supply (already have a relatively new modular 650w one)

- A graphics card (already have a decent 1070 Strix)

- Storage (already have these but may need more soon)

- Disk drives (have a DVD drive I can reuse)

But I want to build out something new for the case, motherboard, CPU and in turn memory.

I am looking at Intel Core i7 / i9 but if I can do better with a Ryzen for less I'll consider it.

Any ideas of the best value system I can buy?

Oh, ideally I want a nice tempered glass case.

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#2 1 year ago

Have you looked at the options on ?

They have some decent build guides there.

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#3 1 year ago

I think I'm looking at the Ryzen 3600 for my next build. AFAIK the price/performance is better than Intel for most price points right now.