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30th September 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Hello, A mate of mine has suspected worm(s) and I have helped him all I can and it appears and he needs a good "Free" virus cleaner to destroy it I cant think of any apart from avast or avg but they did not work. Any suggestions for a free virus or something else? and I'm usually the Technical wiz..

I'm not having this problem he is.

His problem in detail:

Some kind of virus has got passed my security now it forces shutdown, corrupts some files and stops them working, a lot of the time it restarts the computer without warning. I tried Trend micro and it seemed to get rid of a lot of crap but it's still alive and messing things up. Help my Friend!

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7th December 2003

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#2 15 years ago

The reasonable thing to do in such a case is to completly format the PC. Then install it in such a way that you don't get new viruses, that is, with all the windows and internet-explorer updates, an alternative browser, high security settings for all browsers, a firewall, a virus scanner (for example Anti Vir Personal) and anti-spyware programs (such as Spybot Search and destroy). And all this has to be set up before the computer is connected to the internet.


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24th August 2005

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#3 15 years ago

there has been a whole lot of stuff comming up about the "root kits" since that sony shit happened. I have had a virius on a workstation at work for a week, and could not clean it. Because it was burried so deep. give >this< a try, it worked for me.

good luck!

Note: if a mod wanted to add this to the knowledge Base, i think it is useful.

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5th June 2004

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#4 15 years ago

Format your pc as MrFancypants suggested, that is always a good thing to do when you can not eliminate a virus, and since you are at it, partition your HD so you do not have to make a back up for all your info. For future reference, if your system shows you a small window with a message saying that the system has to restart, if you want to avoid this then you will have to modify the RPC (remote procedure call) service and set it to "take no action" (the default is "restart the computer")


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23rd November 2003

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#5 15 years ago

Format it but if you need a free Anti-Virus there are a few around but AVG is one of the better ones.



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5th February 2002

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#6 15 years ago

When you tried Avast did you Schedule a Boot-Time Scan that can usually stop the virus form activating at start (see Pic) T.T.F.N. Chalky


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23rd January 2005

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#7 15 years ago

I have to agree with undiesrules, reformatting is probably the best thing, especally if the worm has been there a while.

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23rd January 2000

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#8 15 years ago

If the names/types of viri was identified he could download appropriate tools to remove them. Most major antivirus companies produce these tools, they can be found on their respective homepages.

That particular force shutdown sequence is part of a pretty known virus that had an outbrake not to long ago. The shutdown process can be halted if you pres ctrl + alt + del and kill a specific process, cant for the life remember which thought :p

Trend Micro have a free online virus scan called housecall which is pretty good. Other than that I suggest running the ones he has in safemode with system restore turned off. Concider using a tempfile cleaner like CrapCleaner.

OTher than that, format works fine too, in most cases that is :p