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#11 12 years ago

Well, I always have Opera (About 400 mb), iTunes, and sometimes Photoshop when I go into hibernate mode. I have yet to see any real performance issues, even at around two weeks without a restart. Then again, I do have 2 gb of RAM.

Opera, on the other hand, doesn't seem to like continuing with the last session. After more than a day or two it frequently stops responding.

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#12 12 years ago

Heh...Yeah, Opera is a bit like that.. I hibernate with Opera mostly though, My laptop tends to die under any other load *Thanks Vista* Opera is actualy really good at emptying itself from Ram, normaly it only leaves like 5mb or something behind for me... Photoshop is a bit different though, But then again, its not terribly Ram intensive, I get about 400MB out of photoshop with a 4096*4096 image with high textured detail, on close it'll leave maybe 20mb behind.. It does vary though, as the longer your system runs after exiting these intensive apps, the more ram that will drop But like Freyer said, its fine, its safe, its fast, just restart once a week to keep adequete performance flowing


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#13 12 years ago

I usually restart my PC every couple days, if i don't Vista starts acting up and gets noticeably slower and less stable. My Mac hasn't been restarted for awhile, i'm not even sure when the last time was, its still running just fine though. Same with when i have my linux rig hooked up, that pretty much never gets shutdown.

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