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#1 14 years ago

Hi all,

A friend of mine has moved in with me to escape the torment of his previous home and to help me pay the bills. he has a P.C., so do i. i have one internet connection point. now, i want to have both computers able to access the internet. the access point is in my room, and i have enough cable to reach into the other room. we both have broadband modems. what is the best way to go about getting everything set up? i was thinking along the lines of a router or possibly a WLAN. any help, ideas, places to look, prices, equipment suggestions are appreciated.



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17th March 2004

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#2 14 years ago

Im not sure, but check www.overclockers.co.uk I love that place, not too expensive either, and very local. Scroll down, and the category "networking" is on the bottom left hand side. I cant really offer much advice, and im not entirely sure as to what your after. And dont have much experience with that sort of thing. Sorry!

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#3 14 years ago

Plug both computers into a router and make sure that the faster comp is the admin. That is how i have mine set out. And if u dont want the wires get a few wiresless lan cards and a wireless router.

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#4 14 years ago

The most tidy way would probably be a LAN with automatic DHCP routing. Most routers include 4 ethernet ports (built in switch), that way you wont have to get an external switch to split your line.

In this setup you will only need one modem as you only have one broadband line.

Wallplug / Telephoneline ----> (your current) ADSL / Cable modem ----> Broadband router ----> cables to each computer.

This setup is general and may differ if you have a speacial analog / digital / ISDN phone system..

When buying a router, make sure its compatible with the type of internet connection you have. 3com, D-Link, Billion, SMC, LinkSys, Sunsway, Cnet, cisco are all good choises. I cant really tell you what to get since I dont know what your internet line is. Broadband is a wide term ;)

EDIT: Since you both have had broadband access before I posted under the assumption you both have 10/100 ethernet cards in your computers..