How do i overclock? 14 replies

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#11 13 years ago
00MattIm against overclocking personally, it brings you problems in the future that cost you £££££. My advice? Dont overclock your graphics card or CPU.

As long as your sensible and carefull about what your doing, and you know when to stop, theres no way your going to damage your hardware.


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28th February 2005

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#12 13 years ago

My advice: Download the ATi Tool Mount an old Cpu fan on your GPU heatsink Run The ATi Tool

I did that to my ol 9200 and it works just fine. It gets 40 fps on medium in CS:S

Also Look at my sig I OC everything.

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3rd September 2005

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#13 13 years ago
portugezsausageyeah, that's how much it cost me, and for me, without a job(hell i'm 15, gimme a break) it's mad expensive. And also, i can run almost every game i own on high, or the highest graphics( CoD2, WoW, BF2 <--- Can't run on highest, but between medium and high is awesome) couple other games of that nature, and i love the graphics. Also, thanks for the info on how to overclock this thing.... Here goes nothin, lol.

what fps do you get?


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#14 13 years ago
czech speacial forceswhat fps do you get?

srry bout my noobiness, but how do i check my fps?


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#15 13 years ago

Depends what Game.

If you download Fraps it will tell you.

The 9550 is a below average gaming card and Overclocking wouldn't be advised, considering it only uses a Heatsink.

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