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#1 16 years ago

You want to host your own webpage, you know you do :) But, you don't want to be running IIS or apache because they're either too complicated or too bug-filled. So what can we do?


There's a file there called "Aim sub host 2.0" which lets you host your own subprofile for AOL Instant Messenger. The way it does that is it starts a small HTTP server on your machine, and you put a link with your ip and html link - it would look like .

*Please note, this won't work for those behind a hardware firewall/router without some messing with port forwarding. If you don't know how to do that, ask your cable/dsl provider for help.

First, make some nifty HTML file that you want others to see. Place it in a folder called HTML or something. DO NOT put it straight in your c:\. That will allow people to read any file on your computer if they know the name (very dangerous)

Second, start up the AIM sub host program. Set the profile directory to the place you just saved your files.

Third, click the big ON button. That's pretty much it. The sounds check can be annoying, so you might want to uncheck it, but that's optional.

How to find your ip so people can see your site.

At the top of the AIM sub host, there is a menu called "extra", and an option labelled "get your real ip". Click that. If that doesn't work (it should), check out .

Now, when you want to send people to your page (or whatever), just send them a link like

You can also use this to host images on forums with the img tags :)