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#1 14 years ago

If you are having problems with your ATI drivers, think you may have mixed driver files or if you are suffering from performance issues, follow these directions, in the order listed, and do not skip any steps. This will ensure the cleanest possible driver installation.

What you need: Motherboard Chipset Drivers DirectX 9.0b CAT 4.2 Display Drivers CAT 4.2 Control Panel CAT-Uninstaller

Here is what you need to do, in this order. Enter Add/Remove and uninstall the ATI Control Panel and reboot. Uninstall the ATI Display Drivers and reboot. (Don’t let Windows reinstall the display drivers, just click cancel each time you are asked.) Run cat-uninstaller.exe, follow the directions and reboot. Check to see if the file C:\ATI\SUPPORT exists. If so, delete it. (Remember to remain in standard VGA mode until the ATI Display Drivers have been installed.)

Install the Motherboard Chipset Drivers Install DirectX 9.0b Install the CAT 4.2 Display Drivers, reboot and let it do its GUART test. Install the CAT 4.2 Control Panel and reboot.

Enter the ATI Control panel and select the SMARTGART tab. Click the radio button that turns Fast Writes off.

That’s it. If you still have problems, look to excessive heat as a likely cause

Notes: I also turn off VPU Recover. It’s useless to me.

There is a somewhat hidden option to override/lock your refresh rate. It is located in the ATI Control Panel under the Displays Tab. Click on the bar that says Monitor. There, you will find a drop down box labeled Refresh Rate Override.

You should always uninstall the old Control Panel and Display Drivers before updating to new drivers.

I hope this helps someone . . .

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#2 14 years ago

What if we're having problems with the 4.6's?