i cant get my movies on media player 1 reply

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#1 12 years ago

hey there ppl. thanks to omen i was able to get a video on youtube. ive made 3 vids on my comp i was making another one when i remebered that the media player was acting up so i tryed to put my halo vid in there. i chose save to my computer, chose 'the best for my computer' then it get to the estimated time thing there then it just stops. these pics start coming up on the bottom left side of my screen where the hide and show thing is. then after like 5 mins it either gives me this error or it exits out of movie maker. WTF is going on and how do i fix this.


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#2 12 years ago

Hard to understand what you're saying there. Seems like you meant you can't get Movie Maker to save your movie to a file on your PC? If so this can be due to one of several reasons. The most common are the project is too big or too complex for MM to handle it, or your system spec or condition is not up to par (defragged, nothing running, etc.).

Movie Maker is easy to use but it's a very weak editor as far as how big and complex of projects it can handle. Sometimes you have to split your movie project into 2 parts and save them separately. Originally MM was designed to be a compliment to a photo editor and more for slide shows than movies.

There are some rules of thumb to follow when using MM, you can find a lot of good tips on Papa John's Movie Maker forum. The guy answers lots of MM questions. Movie Maker Forums