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16th June 2004

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#1 8 years ago

This past weekend I got an epic chance to bench some hardware on Ln2. Let me tell you, this stuff is completely unreal. I never thought I would ever say "OH NO, this chip is getting way too warm at -150*C" Sadly all my good scores didn't come without some cost, I ended up killing my rampage 3. How it happened? I have no idea. Go into bios, set the chip at 5.5ghz, boot in, restart since I loaded the wrong OS. Then I hit a cold bug which shuts the computer down at -170*C, try and start it up and ROG connect says no CPU in the socket :( Quite a shame, but RMA is coming on that :D But let me say, there is NOTHING like running a 980x at 6.2ghz 2D and 5.7ghz 1.65v 3D. All I could say was "HOLY CRAP"

Here are some pics from the weekend

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