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#1 11 years ago

[COLOR=blue] DO NOT BUY NEW RAM/GPU IF YOUR PC IS TOO SLOW !!!!!!![/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Improving Gaming Performance ![/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]-Modern computer games are probably among the most demanding PC applications available today. Running a modern 3D game, such as Quake III, requires your computer to execute over one billion instructions per second. Games also need large amounts of RAM to store everything from textures and 3D models to streaming music and sound effects. While most modern PCs, with a new graphics card and a few hundred megabytes of RAM, will handle this fairly well, it is not uncommon to find annoying delays and other glitches on even the most expensive computers. These problems are often caused by software conflicts and bad settings, rather than insufficient hardware. By optimizing all your system settings and by monitoring resource usage more carefully, these problems can be avoided, resulting in a smoother and more stable gaming experience.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][COLOR=red]CPU Usage and Process Priorities ![/COLOR][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][COLOR=black]-One of the most critical resources to any computer game is obviously the CPU. Since a CPU can only do one thing at a time, Windows and other multi-tasking operating systems switch between all running programs or processes, giving each process access to the CPU. While this is usually a good thing because it makes it possible to run many applications simultaneously, it causes some problems when you run games on a typical computer. Since there are usually a large number of background processes running on any computer, even when you are running a game, Windows will interrupt the game for brief periods if one of the other processes needs to do something.Now listen to this guys.I use [COLOR=blue]SpeedUpMyPC[/COLOR][COLOR=black]which[/COLOR]offers two different solutions to this problem. It allows you to assign more CPU time to a critical application, such as a game, and it allows you to remove all unnecessary background applications permanently. This can reduce the number of unwanted interruptions considerably and will also reduce start-up times on most systems. [/COLOR][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][COLOR=blue]SpeedUpMyPC(more detailed desctirption about it):[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]-SpeedUpMyPC is a great utility that increases PC performance on a couple different levels. It prioritizes CPU usage, increases bandwidth usage and frees up RAM as necessary. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Network Performance ![/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][COLOR=black]-When playing online or multi-player games, network performance is very important. If you are connected to the Internet using a modem or ADSL modem, your connection speed and stability can often be improved considerably by optimizing a number of network settings found in the registry.Now the beauty of already mentioned program, [COLOR=blue]SpeedUpMyPC[/COLOR] can automatically optimize these settings for your particular connection type and will also monitor your Internet connection in real time, helping you to spot bad servers and other network problems.It helped me in a remarkable way.:lol:[/COLOR][/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][COLOR=red]Things that slow down your PC dramaticly ![/COLOR][/COLOR]

[COLOR=red][COLOR=black]-For god sake,people,do not use more then 1 anti-(virus,spyware)program.Two years ago I had 4 anti-(virus,spyware) programs on my PC.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Not that this is only bad for your PC in a way that it slows it down dramaticly, but , it can also completely destroy your system.These program tend to use a lot of memory during their presence.One day I turned on my PC,and all I saw was blackness.Use only one anti-(virus,spyware) program.Best to chose the ones with top quality.Lots of these things that are low quality do nothing for you except, slow your PC performance by 40 %. [/COLOR][/COLOR]

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#2 11 years ago

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#3 11 years ago

For better network performance I use Hamachi, is great


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#4 11 years ago

I have Hamachi too and here it is what it does exaclty:

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Hamachi is a program that lets you play LAN games over the internet by setting up a group where people will join. This group will all be a part of the same network via Hamachi. This will let you play games over a LAN network with people who aren't really on your network. People use this to establish a better connection while playing with friends only, or when people can't play over the game's internet servers because of bad cd-keys or any other reason... It's kind of hard to explain it any simpler...

Basicly it helps you play without lag over Lan network.Lets say so.If you play multiplayer online then you have to do what I stated in the first post here.The only thing is the SpeedUpMyPC is excellent for speeding up my PC but I had to buy it.:lol:Hope that helped.