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#1 13 years ago

Info i have found! From - Nvidia 8800GT reviews | Paradise Philippines

Nvidia 8800GT reviews

Gamers, are you looking for your next best “performance for the buck” video card? Look no further than Nvidia’s 8800GT, promising GTX like performance with a midrange price. I can see it now, 8800GT SLI. Perfect for Crysis or Call of Duty 4. Yum. Here are some videocard porn for you hardware geeks: 8800gt_512mb_01.thumbnail.jpg 8800gt_512mb_02.thumbnail.jpg Comparison between the different 8800 flavors: 8800speccompareih3.jpg Reviews of the Nvidia 8800GT videocard after the jump: Benchmark Spec time! 8800gt2.jpg 8800gt1.jpg 8800gt3.jpg 8800gt4.jpg 8800gt5.jpg The review/benchmark scores/images shown above comes from Expreview. IE Only, sorry. That’s 20 pages worth of 8800GT benchmarks and testing. Enjoy.

Anyone know of prices for Australia or when its gonna be released here??