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9th November 2005

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So - I got Vista Ultimate, I installed it on another hard drive (not going to leave XP before Vista's proved itself hell of a lot better, which I doubt it will) and it runs perfectly fine. Problem is, I don't feel like having all my music, movies, pictures etc etc two separate places on my computer, I don't have that much space. So, when I try to open the folders containing the music and such, Vista gives me an alert with something about not being able to access those folders due to some restrictions made by XP... Does anyone know how to get rid of that? It'd be very, very helpful!

Then, there's another problem... Whenever I've been booting into Vista, shut it down to open XP, XP comes up with this list of files it needs to regenerate or something. I don't really know what it's doing, but it takes like 15 minutes, which is far more than I can accept since I was expecting it to be rather painless.

Solutions, anyone? :uhm:

By the way, I got two internal HDDs, each 160gb. I got XP and all my programs etc on one and all my music, movies and pictures on the other one. I created a partition on the latter, and installed Vista on it. Just in case you needed to know :)

- Cheers