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2nd August 2007

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#1 7 years ago

So after a year of getting my SSD replaced and the replacement sitting in my cupboard, I'm going to put it in when I put in my new parts and I'm just wondering the best way to go about installing on the SSD? It's fresh out of the packet so do I quick format then install or just put the drive in and let windows do the rest? Also are there setting I will need to change for SSD or does windows recognize it as a SSD and sets windows accordingly?


On a side note half my water cooling parts have arrived and I'm thinking about setting up a build log on here next week sometime for anyone interested.


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#2 7 years ago

Pull out all your other drives first. Plug in SSD. Turn on computer. Install Windows. Reboot. Disable System Restore, Hibernation, pagefile, indexing, and defragmentation. (If not done by Windows already)

That should be about it. If you want to keep your pagfile, just move it to another drive.


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#3 7 years ago

Also, before you install the os, go into bios & enable AHCI mode. It will help maximize your ssd performance.