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#1 13 years ago

ello. just like probably every newbie linux user, i have problems installing software. i'm using mandriva linux 2007 free version which btw works great and i have used ubuntu before, but i found it not working on my pc very well.

but the thing is, ubuntu has this nice little program called synaptic package manager, where you simply do a search of a program u need, for example, macromedia flash player, you select it, click apply and wait a few moments. it will automaticly download and install what you selected.

however, mandriva has something similiar but it doesn't seem to offer as much software as synaptic package manager did and it doesn't seem to work the way synaptic does. selected a program, clicked apply and then it said that software was succesfully installed. but i don't seem to be able to open

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files and i can't find the executable either.

then i thought that i can live without that, but then, when tried installing a RPM that i downloaded from internet and it required about 20 dependencies to be installed i thought that it would be a little painfull to get them all manually.

now i'm wondering, is it like in synaptic, where u just add extra repositories to get more or should i do something else, i just want easier way of getting all the dependencies needed and i want some basic things like java and flash plugin for firefox.

also, i see that another way of getting software is to get source code and all the files and then compile program yourself. and this is another thing i dont know how to do.

so any help would be appreciated.


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#2 13 years ago

You should be able tlo add installation sources somewhere, but you'll find most stuff you need for dependencies will be on your install CDs or DVDs.


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23rd November 2002

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#3 13 years ago
Nice Guy;3394315now i'm wondering, is it like in synaptic, where u just add extra repositories to get more or should i do something else

No it is not like Synaptic. Now you are learning the differences between Debian, and RedHat/Suse/Mandriva Linux. As well as the reasons why Debian/Synaptic rule! Imho.

To add more sources, you can visit this page. It has a quick "web wizard" to help.

"** Be VERY careful that you add a source for the correct mandrake version and architecture. 'cat /etc/mandrake-release' if you aren't sure." -

This page looks does a good job of explaining it. RPM is akin to DPKG, and URPMI is akin to APT-GET. So what is akin to Synaptic? Suse has YAST2.

Flash can be installed the generic way, you just browse to the Adobe/Flash page, and then download Flash Player 7 for Linux, or Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux, and follow the instructions.

I'll stick with Xandros, and Ubuntu, thank you. They atleast seem a little easier, and less technical.



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#4 13 years ago

RPM based distros... Ugh. Dependencie hell..

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