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#1 15 years ago
The Register UK report on a benchmark on the new Intel chip rumored to be coming out in upcoming Macs featuring Intel processors. The processor is a 65nm design, which is basically a dual-core Pentium M. “Anandtech’s tests, published today, pitch a 2GHz Yonah against a 2.13GHz ‘Dothan’ Pentium M, a 3GHz Pentium D 380 and a pair of AMD Athlon X2s: the 2GHz 3800+ and the 2.2GHz 4200+. Generally, the new part outperformed both the higher-clocked Intel chips and proved a worthy competitor to the AMD products. “At 2.0GHz, Yonah is basically equal to, if not slightly slower than an Athlon 64 X2 running at the same clock speed in virtually all of the tests we ran,” the site reports. “The important distinction here is that Intel is able to achieve that level of performance, without an on-die memory controller.” Both AMD parts were ahead on gaming, but Yonah managed to score higher than the 3800+ on some 3D rendering, video encoding and content creation tests, suggesting that Intel’s attempt to improve the Pentium M’s media processing abilities with the Yonah core has largely succeeded.” This all seems very promising for Apple, and new Macs.

It would be nice to have Macs that have Intel processors at last. :) The article was taken straight from here.


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23rd January 2005

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#2 15 years ago

very interesting. seems atleast they are going to use the good intel processors. please apple, for the love of god! stay away from Pentium 4/D's! i hate mine!


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#3 15 years ago

I like the phrasing on some of that. For being a generation ahead of X2 (which is essentially two A64s mirroring each other), it bloody well better perform. Unfortunately for Intel, it doesn't perform enough, given it's effective generation. Fortunately for Intel, it isn't a huge quantum leap ahead of Dothan in terms of design (in the sense that Willamette was over Tualatin), other than being dual core. It does make for an interesting preview of Conroe.



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21st February 2005

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#4 15 years ago

Well it is nice to see Intel starting to catch up to AMD. But still it only scored a little slower than a 3800+ X2. Still wish Apple didn't pick Intel.... Oh why oh why. Not a true Mac no more oh well. But AMD still comes out king.