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#11 13 years ago

what kind of servers can allow you to download that fast??

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#12 13 years ago

Other servers running the same type of connection, maybe. A little about Optical connections: The connection speeds aren't intended for single use. Almost all of the time, the connection is shared out among many servers and computers. Meaning, if you use a university's OC connection at 4am, you'll probably get the full speed of that line directly to your computer (unless there are limit caps per remote access point). Usually ISPs get multiple OC connections from the Network Infrastructure governing body to share out among its customers. Home users ask the ISP's server for a site via the telephone network (or cable, satellite or whatever), and the ISP retrieves it using their OC connection(s). OC connections are laid especially for the person wanting it. Sometimes they are laid by companies who then lease out either all or part of that line to other companies, and the leasing company can limit the number of fibres the buying company can use (to limit speed for less costly products). Speeds of more than 1GB/sec or more are usually pointless, since most hard drives made in the last five years cannot write to disk that fast. Servers can usually handle it since they more often than not use some sort of RAID configuration or other multiple disk spanning technology.

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