Is RGB a fad? 5 replies

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#1 5 months ago

Anyone who's seen my setup knows I enjoy some LED lighting, especially set to purple.

But is the LED RGB craze a bit of a fad? Are we going to look back on this in 10 years time in the same way we did with neon light tubes back in the 80s? LED's seem to permeate everything now, from signs to stage designs and TV sets to lighting in our cars, homes, and even computers....

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#2 5 months ago

Probably. Remember the "fluorescent green is cool" phase?

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#3 5 months ago

It's pleasant to look at, and some allow you to control the lights. I don't think it's a fad. It's far too useful to be a fad.

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#4 5 months ago

Ya and I hope it dies an abrupt and spectacular death. 

In all seriousness, I'm not a fan of flashy colorful lighting in ordinary settings because it's hard to get right artistically and because simpler is better in my opinion. Yeah you can do the full color spectrum and have infinite customizability, but I am afraid that nobody sat down and questioned whether that was actually a good idea.

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#5 5 months ago

I like it and have a few here and there. I have all hue bulbs in my living room which are the full color ones that through the day are a cool white and at nice a nore relaxing redish. In every other room I have the hue bulbs that vary from warm to cool white and everything is Alexa controlled. We even have the keep ebay multicouloured strips under things like the stands for the fish tanks an again they are Alexa controlled via smart sockets. They look good and are simple to set up but most importantly they have replaced the normal lights and I know that the neon lights sort of did the same in the 80s but as someone who was a teenager in the 80s I can honestley say we never really thought neons were cool. The voice controlled led lights on the other hand are bright while using a lot less energy so unless they come up with something that uses even less then LEDs are here to stay from the chinese imports for a couple of £s to the £50 hue bulb.

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#6 5 months ago

I bought some RGB fans and RGB strips when I got my new case.

My mobo is old enough that it doesn't have any RGB headers on it so it's all controlled via USB. Looks nice though.

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