Is the real future of VR in arcades? 1 reply

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#1 2 years ago

This week, HTC promised to open 'Vive Arcades' in China, the US and Europe.

It seems to me that it makes more sense to pay for a more premium, rich VR experience, with various AR elements that can be provided such as wind, immersive sound, motion, and so forth, will make for a much better VR experience then spending hundreds of dollars on a home version, having nowhere practical to put it, then not getting the optimum experience.

For example, a theme park here in the UK, called Thorpe Park, has just opened a new ride, which is set on an old London Underground ride - the riders get aboard the train, then put on a Vive headset, and experience the rest of the ride in a form of AR - allowing lots of rather interesting and freeky possibilities. And because they're on a train and have the added sensations of genuine motion, sound, and so-forth, it makes for a particularly immersive experience.

I actually see this as a more exciting future for VR as opposed to home use.

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#2 2 years ago

Now, this is something I could see a future in. There are boundless opportunities for VR, but very few of them are actually as a home entertainment unit. Rather, I can see it being applied for teaching and "experiences" similar to a cinema. Maybe a hall for lasertag, where your environments and the other players are "projected" by the VR? Or, as in here, an experience?