Is this PC good for games such as Battlefield 2 and Counter strike source ? Thanks 41 replies

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#41 14 years ago
(unlike my setup now, lol 25-35 fps pathetic)

That isn't really pathetic. It is feasibly impossible for the human eye to notice any difference in frames from there on.

That 550W PSU minimum requirement is probably the fault of that graphics card, those 7800s really suck power. A decent, reliable PSU of that caliber will cost around £70-100.

Nope, my 7800GTX is running on a shitty stock 400W. But they require 400W minimum (according to the box). Maybe my GPU isn't giving out as much as it should aye?

That thing will run css with like 200fps (might be exagerating). Hell, I've got an AMD Sempron 2700+ (Socket A) OC'd to 3ghz , 512ram, Radeon 9800pro, A-Bit NF7-S Mobo, Sound blaster audigy ZX, MGE Sidewinder case 450w. And that thing runs CSS and BF2 fine. Don't worry about it.

200fps an exaggeration yeah, on low settings it's possible.

May I ask, why post your motherboard and case when we are talking about running a game. Haha, abit strange? May aswell post your keyboard and Mouse. :p

I agree, this thread is abit of a bragging session. It's not half obvious that the PC will. Also, he didn't state the mobo.....Meh....



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#42 14 years ago

You have my processor and ram.... give it back now! lol. But yeah that 3500+ and 2GB of ram will run anything with out any trouble. I should know I have the same ram and processor... Lol. Just get a Soundblaster X-fi card. Take a nice load off the processor to free up more FPS in games and well have hell a lot better sound.