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#1 11 years ago

I have an 8600GT and so dose my friend these are the speeds Mine Asus 8600GT 512mb vram DDR3 core 540 Mem 1400 His Asus 8600GT 512mb vram DDR2 core 540 Mem 700 is this right should DDR3 have a faster speed than DDR2 like double But i use OSD smart doctor for monitoring my card and it says the mem speed is 1400 but ntune says its 700 so what do i belive and is 1400 correct or is 700 please tell me its been buging me for ages thanks PS.My card has not been oced

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#2 11 years ago

For starters, its GDDR# :p But yeah, GDDR3 would be clocked at a higher speed then GDDR2. However, GDDR2 can be clocked to the same speed as GDDR3 if not faster. Take Corsair Dominator DDR2 RAM for example, its OC'd to run at 1450MHZ, which is FASTER the DDR3 stock speeds (1333MHZ) Corsair did this back in whoop whoop, about 4 months after DDR2 was released. So the advantage of GDDR3 over GDDR2 is about the same as the Advantage of DDR3 over DDR2 for the cost, basically nothing. However, in graphics it is a lot more noticable. If the one of you with the GDDR2 ram is concerned, just OC the memory, it should get atleast that of GDDR3 MHZ

Take for example my old 6600, I had that OC'd, the memory was at a slightly lower clock then the above GDDR2 Ram on that 8600 I had my 6600's Memory OC'd to 600MHZ, which is only 100MHZ short of the 8600GT you mentioned. So you could increase the clock on that 8600GT to the same Memory clock as the GDDR3 clocks.

Btw, why does your 8600GT GDDR3 have higher memory clocks then my GDDR4 8800GT LOL! ~_^ Even your core is only 60MHZ slower then mine....

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#3 11 years ago

O.K. First off, there is a mistake, since there is no Asus 8600GT that has GDDR2.

Second, yes, GDDR3 has the ability to have higher memory clocks; however, that has nothing to do with what you are seeing. And the benefit to the higher memory to it's predecessors, is that the newer RAM can operate at higher frequencies with greater stability.

As the name implies, DDR stands for Double Data Rate, which means that the *true* memory clocks for the 8600GT is 700MHz, but the *actual* memory clock is 1400MHz because it is DDR. This will happen with any type of memory, not just graphics. I.E. my DDR2800 has a base of 400MHz, while DDR31333 has a base of 667MHz, etc.

BTW, Pilla, please read about graphics boards, since the 8800GT has a base 900MHz memory clock, 1800MHz because of DDR.

The reason you are getting different numbers can be a variety of reason... the main reason being the program you are using showing either the DDR speed or the speed before the multiplier is applied.