Joystick x rotation on right joystick is interfered with y - axis on left joystick !! 1 reply

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6th July 2019

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#1 2 weeks ago

 What I think is the default mapping for the game-pad is that:1. x, y rotations are controlled with the right joystick2. x, y -axis are controlled with the left joystick.I tried to uninstall / installed the gamepad driver, but didn't work.

This issue is happening on my desktop too, I think it's a windows  update issue related to gamepad driver, because first time I checked the drivers for this device, I found like 3 different drivers working. I disabled 2 and kept one, but the same issue continues.

First 10 mins playing the game everything works fine, but after that the horizontal part of the right joystick is stuck with the y-axis, I checked that interference with the gamepad calibration property. And why that happens? I don't know!

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#2 1 week ago

Does it happen with a different gamepad entirely?

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