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#1 11 years ago

I've been seeing suspicious links and emails on my computer and on the server its connected to. I've been wondering whos been going to them and been using my email. This is my computer at work. I want to install a Key Logging program on there so I can track the activity on it. I also want to install a remote accessing program on my home computer so that I can access my work computer and open the key logging program. Others are also worried about people logging into their computers. So I have 3 questions. 1) Whats the best free key logging programs that I can install on my work computer? 2) Whats the best free remote access programs? 3) Whats the best free IP tracking programs that I can install on my offices network and find out what my work PCs IP is and other PCs because others And an additional question. Is there a program out there that would be able to track logins on each computer. The reason for this is that there have been viruses, spyware, adware, worms, etc. on the computers and on our networks server. We've had to reformat our network storage 2 times so to a Trojan Horse virus on it. I work as a computer repair/maintenance person at my work place. Its pissed off the owner, our managers (me being 1 of them), most of our onboard IT guys, and the local computer repair shop (they do what I can't fix). The loacal computer repair shop were who recommended the above to me. Does anyone have any idea what good programs there are out there. The reason I'm hoping that yall know of some good free programs is becuase I've shoveled out enough money to help the company try and find out about this shit that keeps happening to our computer systems. This is a very important matter that needs to be solved soon. We've lost loads of money because our servers, network, and computers have been down. If the ammount of people that work for it affects the programs then theres about 25-30 people who work for us. The ammount of employees varies do to the owner/CEO is an asshole and doesn't like bad work or customer service. He knows that we think that and most of us that are still working for him have told him that. Yeah....thats a little off topic but yeah. Anyone have any recommendations?