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#1 15 years ago

i have the latest drivers and ive tried changing the fast write options and ive gotten the same results. Ive also got a new Motherboard with an internal speaker installed and it beeps when the keyboard lag happens. It beeps numerous times


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#2 15 years ago


You need a NEW keyboard. :D If you had just told us about the beeps, we could have diagnosed the problem instantly.

Be VERY carefull about the one you buy, so as to not buy one just like you have now. Because they still make them like that.

With 90% of the keyboards out there, you can only press about 2 to 3 buttons at a time. Otherwise the signals for the keys get mixed up, and it doesn't know which keys you've pressed. When this happens, the computer will Beep, and all programs will "hesitate". The key is to find one that has a different arrangement, and/or allows for 4 to 5 keys to be pressed at the same time.

List what keys you are pressing at the same time, and maybe we can recommend you another keyboard, or a better solution.

The alternative, is to change the keys on the keyboard, that you are using at the same time. Ctrl/Control, Alt, Shift, and Caps Lock, are all good keys to use at the same time. Try replacing the a few of your problem keys, with them.


I didn't make it!

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#3 15 years ago

i usually press the w a s d keys since i usually play fps games

oh yeh the beeps go off when im not pressing nothing either. when my character starts moving after i press the button and release it, the character still moves like its lagging but its not and it starts to beep numerous times until the character stops moving