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#1 11 years ago

Ok i have drawn a network diagram so you can see what I'm referring to. I have a lan and i have 4 desktops and a laptop i have computer 3 & 4 connected through one switch. Computer 1 & 2 are connected to another as you can see in the diagram anyway 3 and 4 can lan any game you can think off but for some strange reason we can't get 1 & 2 to either lan with each other or with the others expect for one game which is unreal tournament the original but all four can only connect to computer one no other computer can connect to them anyway what im thinking is that the switch which 1 & 2 is on is stopping this would anyone be able to help me fix this. I'll link to the manual of switch one.

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#2 11 years ago

Check the IP addresses for the PC's on your network.

The first 3 numbers need to be the same on all of your PC's. (eg, 192.168.1.*) They may already be setup like this, but it's unlikely unless someone has already set up the network properly. Also, check that any firewalls you have running are not blocking connections.

You can find the IP of a windows computer by bring up a command prompt and typing "IPCONFIG". The IP address will be listed along with a lot of other information you won't need. You can then test the communication with another computer by using the Ping command "PING" (replace the IP as needed)

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#3 11 years ago

That network makes me vomit... You've basically dasiy chained everything and hoped it works. You dont' need the WR-6004+ in your network unless you need a hardware firewall/vpn device (which you don't) Remove it, it's one extra hop that isn't helping the situation. The network should be...(Diagram attached) Speedstream Modem D-Link DES 1005D WAP54G Laptops & Other Wi-Fi Nodes Computer 1 Computer 2 Computer 3 Computer 4 Note: If your D-Link DES 1005D doesn't have enough Ethernet ports for the PCs, then upgrade to an 8 port switch, they can be had for 20AUD for a shitter, but they are typically good enough for home use. You don't want to put that hardware firewall in place to act as another hub/switch - even though it can, it's only useful as such once it's been dumbed down to nothing - which for the most part, can only really be done by someone that knows what they are doing... On each computer, on the LAN and WIFI adapters, ensure "Windows File & Print Sharing" is enabled, ensure the Windows Firewalls have the appropriate exceptions allowed - otherwise just disable the Windows Firewalls. Ensure any 3rd party firewalls have the appropriate exceptions - otherwise just disable the 3rd party firewalls. Ensure the "Gateway" address for each COMPUTER is set to the IP address of the Speedstream Modem Ensure the "Gateway" address for each LAPTOP and other WIFI nodes is set to the IP address of the WAP54G Ensure the Speedstream is assigning DHCP and the WAP54G is in "Pure Bridge" mode (If not applicable, also configure it as a DHCP) Ensure all DNS servers of the COMPUTERS and LAPTOPS is that of your ISPs public DNS servers. Ensure the WAP54G is configured in the Speedstream as the DMZ host. Disable the NAT and Firewall in the WAP54G (If applicable) Disable the Firewall in the Speedstream, Leave the NAT enabled. Ensure any port forwards are permanently open - rather then triggered. (Less likely to cause issues) Ensure each computer has an IP address in the range of *.*.*.100 - *.*.*.200 (where *.*.* is the first 3 octets of your private IP range, as configured by DHCP) Simply put, by your diagram, for a home network, it's disgusting and I'd put my money on that's where the issue lies, to many end nodes, to many hops, to many like devices. --EDIT-- Replacement switch suggestion... From MSY... 10/100 8 Port Switch Asus / Dlink /Edimax 18/39/65 It's not Gigabit which sucks, but for gaming and other LANing need's it's fine for the most part, $39 for an 8 Port 10/100 D-Link switch. There is NO point in you going Gigabit anyway, all ethernet ports now-a-days are auto sensing, the switch will sense the modems 100MB speed and throttle other ports down to that speed, so because of your Modem and WAP, your' really limited to 100MB anyway.